Invisible Work (2022) Feminist Cookies (2023)

Art action that I have undertaken since I arrived in Charlottesville, United States. As a Chilean and Latin American woman, the March 8th commemoration has been a day to unite with other women and nurture the flame of the feminist movement.

So, big was my surprise when I realized that in this small and predominantly white city, there is no commemoration of this day. In 2022, I reached out to all the women’s organizations I could find, but no one responded. Then, a couple of unexpected women stepped forward, and with their help, I was able to carry out the “Invisible Work” project. This action involved collecting to-do lists from anonymous women who sent me their lists through social media. These lists were written with chalk, creating a path on the sidewalk from the Community Chalk Board in Downtown Charlottesville to the former Bridge PAI building.

In 2023, Feminist Cookies put on the Downtown some visual elements that we used in our Latin American strikes, also using the audio of the live protest in Chile. We give away Cookies with facts and statistics related to domestic violence and sexual harassment in the state of Virginia, where the most affected population are women.

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