Mamá Astronauta/Astronaut Mom

Visual research project.
La Serena, Chile 2019- Charlottesville, USA, 2022.
Part 1: Serie 6 digital collages and 3 digital video collages.
Part 2 (Landing): Digital video, installation, Performance, and public engagement device.

Astronaut Mom” started as a game between my kids and me during the worst and most isolating part of the COVID pandemic. My older son and I took a series of photographs using a toy astronaut helmet. Eventually, these games formed a collection of poorly focused, low-resolution, and crazy images, which became a way of poetic resistance for me, helping me to reframe the most difficult moments of my life as a mother. Through these pictures, I could reflect and begin a path to heal traumatic experiences related to obstetric violence, postpartum depression, and lonely, isolated maternity. Simultaneously, I could connect with the experiences of other moms and open the narrative.

<<Mamá Astronauta__Digital Collages>>

<<Mamá Astronauta__ Video Digital Collages>>

<<Astronaut Mom__Landing>>
Digital Video

Astronaut Mom__Landing is the final chapter of the visual and collaborative investigation that concludes the “Astronaut Mom” series. Upon arriving in the USA, the artist sought to connect her own personal experiences of motherhood as a South American/Latin American woman with the subjective narratives of three local mothers who were part of a shared space for moms and kids during the New City Arts Gallery Fellowship. The outcome is a video that highlights the primary challenges of motherhood in a shared patriarchal context.

<<We will carry our guilts together>>

Participative Instalation
Baby carrier from the Chilean government
Ribbons with mother guilt write down.

<<To be a mom in the patriarchy>>

Concepts wall.
Printed paper and masking tape. Variable dimensions

<<Executing landing process (how to be a mother in the land of the free)>>

Live Performance/ 15 minutes /2022

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